The Cambridge Avenue

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Have you updated yourself on the various learning styles? If not, first read here.

What is Cambridge all about?

This is the learning avenue I’ll start with. Mainly because, having used it for my 2 children, it’s the one I know most about.

In a nutshell, it’s following the UK (United Kingdom) based learning, with the goal of writing the IGCSE exams, and then on to the AS and A levels to finish up school.

What I like most about Cambridge is that their end goal is to provide learners with problem solving skills and empathy, rather than rote learning. In addition to this, they tend to emphasise topics year after year, just in more and more detail. So, for example, you’re learning about parts of the flower: they begin at an early age with the basics, and build on that info as the child gets older. Nice one! By the time they get to the exams, they REALLY know about this flower!

It does tend to be rather academic but in a nice, friendly, and practical way.

So, in terms of Cambridge homeschooling, you can either use an online service provider with all the info and tutor support. There are some really good options but you’ll pay for the privilege.

Or, brave mama, you go textbook and YouTube style. Textbooks are relatively easy to get hold of in South Africa, and the second hand market is quite extensive.

So, how does Cambridge work?

The Cambridge years are broken down into Key Stages (which works by age):

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