OK, Today School is on the Trampoline..

So, practically speaking, what does my schooling day look like?

I have 2 children of different grades in Primary School. 

But they are soooooooOOOOO different!

Throw into that mix, while my son is awesome with maths, it’s my daughter’s weak point.  English, visa versa. Throw into that mix, my daughter is Aspergers, and my son can’t sit still, not for a second! Throw into that mix my daughter is a visual learner, my son is a Kinaesthetic Learner (have a look at the quiz to determine).  So, basically, we are dealing with 2 very different personalities in the same pot, as it were. 

How do my husband and I homeschool both these very different personalities at the same time?  It’s not as hard as you think.

But I’m not a teacher.  I’m just their parent.

Firstly, you know your children best. YOU! We found out the hard way that the experts are NOT always right.  Trust your gut when it comes to your children.

So, what do you do in the homeschool day?

Me? Glad you asked. Personally, we do work from a bit of structure, and if you’ve read about me, you’ll know we’re following the Cambridge Avenue.  This is a personal choice, so I’m not going to dictate that the way we do things is right for you.  But this is our path…

So, more or less, Grade 4 and Grade 6, we focus on English (Grammer, Reading and Comprehension) and Mathematics every day. The other subjects we get in twice a week: Sciences (including Science and Biology), Geography, History, ICT (Computers), and Afrikaans. 

We like our workbooks…they “work” for us J. Coupled with that, we do use online resources like BBC Bitesize, MathAntics, Khan Academy, Horrible Histories, YouTube.  My kids like hearing someone else’s voice besides mom or dad. 

Do I have to spend 6 hours teaching?

We try start at a specific time in the morning (normally 9am, latest, 9:30am) and school takes about 2.5 hours in total.  This works for us, and we all concentrate better in the morning.  I know another family who only start their work at 11am.  Before that, you’re not getting anything constructive out of them.  This is as far as we take our “timetable”. 

If we’re doing something particularly difficult in maths, for example, I don’t want to be on a timer.  I want to take the time to focus on that concept until they understand it. And if they’re really enjoying something in History, we investigate it and spend some time on it.  The beauty of flexibility!

Sometimes, it’s good getting out and about…

At least once a month, we try for an outing, either with other homeschoolers or just us. We live in an area filled with cool places, so in our vicinity is a Monkey Park, Butterfly Park, Bird Park, many other parks, the beach, mountains and museums.  It’s a great place to live and explore.  So get to know what’s around your area, and make a note of educational outings (or “educational” outings) your children might enjoy.

Last bit of advice…

Most of all enjoy it.  If the homeschool day is causing everyone to fight and creates bad moods, is it worth it?  We’ve sometimes just let those days go.  What’s important to me is certainly our children’s learning, but more than that, our relationship with them, and their enjoyment and understanding of learning.

My name is Lee-Anne. I am a homeschool mom to 2 children, and together with my husband have been homeschooling for 7 years.

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